Scores of disgruntled teachers from different districts in the country petitioned minister of education and training Dr Mahali Phamotse over underpayment of their qualifications...

Disgruntled teachers petition minister

Lesotho is ready to implement economic reforms that had hindered investment inflows to the country...

Lesotho investor roadmap reviewed

Students have been told to take entrepreneurship after completing their studies in order to create their own business empires...

Take up entrepreneurship ........

Letona la bophelo Dr ‘Molotsi Monyamane o itse bacha bohle ba entseng bosebeletsi ba bophelo ba bochabela, ba ingolise....

Letona le tšepisa bacha mesebetsi

• SADC to rule on progress report • Amnesty Int. dares Mosisili • Mahaos demand SADC, AU, UN tribunal • US wants normalcy restored for MCC, AGOA

D-Day for Lesotho

- Komisi e ikemetseng la likhetho (IEC) le phatlalalitse ha likhetho tsa puso ea libaka tse neng li tšoanela ho tšoaroa monongoaha ka khoeli ea Mphalane 2016 li tla cheshisoa.

IEC e chechisa likhetho tsa puso ea libaka

Startling revelations have shown that Lesotho, at 26 percent now ranks the highest in the world in terms of HIV/AIDS infection rate and at 25 percent becomes second in terms of prevalence per population capita.

Media join hands with NAC on HIV responses


Sandawana Football Club from Butha Buthe has been invited to take part in the second two-day Alliance Insurance Winter Challenge tournament to be played on July 30 and 31 2016.

Sandawana drawn for Alliance Winter Challenge

Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB) has launched a Carling Black Label Cup national promotion that kicked off for the first time at Salang Public Bar in Khubetsoana on Friday.

Carling Black Label Cup promotion launched

National pride of Lesotho Likuena on Saturday won the 2016 Council of Southern African Football Association (Cosafa) Fair-Play trophy in Windhoek, Namibia.

Likuena win Cosafa Fair Play trophy.........

4. US Ambassador Matthew HarringtonMASERU - Freedom of expression and the press are the key elements of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the United States of America, according to the US Ambassador to Lesotho, Matthew T. Harrington

at the opening of an Investigative Journalism and Media Professionalization workshop yesterday.

The training which started yesterday and scheduled to end on Friday is organized by the US Embassy in Maseru in collaboration with the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Lesotho.

“The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize journalists with methods and models for investigative reporting and to encourage journalists to hold themselves up to the highest professional standards,” said Harrington.

He said the US Embassy is proud to support the workshop on investigative journalism because they believe that media freedom is vital to a thriving democracy.

He further indicated that the press helps citizens to call attention to the issues they care about and also helps governments to understand how their actions are being perceived.

“As my boss, Secretary of State John Kerry has said: “People everywhere count on a free press to keep us informed, to hold leaders accountable, to filter fact from fiction and to unmask false narratives masquerading as truth,” said the US Ambassador.

He continued: “It is exciting to see such strong interest in deepening and broadening your skills as journalists. I also want to thank the Honorable Minister, Khotso Letsatsi for joining us and that he has spoken about the challenges facing the media in Lesotho.”

The US Ambassador also stated that a free and vibrant press is essential in a democratic society and therefore mentioned that journalists have a fundamental obligation to get the story right and to hold themselves to the highest professional standards.

He reminded the journalists to report stories that are accurate, unbiased and fully supported by facts. “Journalists have a fundamental obligation to get the story right and to hold themselves to highest professional standards,” said the Ambassador.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication Science and Technology, Khotso Letsatsi encouraged the journalists to stick to journalistic ethics when they report.

He further said it was his belief that the investigative journalism training would change the current situation with regard to how most Lesotho journalists report.

“This training will change social, economic as well the political life of this country. We all know that the media becomes the backbone of democracy, silent watchdogs that remain for the society,” said the Minister.

He concluded by stating that Lesotho needs professional journalists who could contribute to the countries’ development.

During the discussions, journalists mentioned some of the following as the obstacles in doing investigative journalism: Lack of resources such as transport, fear to ask questions, threats from sources, not knowing the kind of questions to ask, as well as working under pressure or having unlimited time.

Trainer in the ongoing workshop is the US Journalist Lucinda Fleeson, who has extensive international training experience in investigative reporting, narrative storytelling and reporting on social issues.

There are 25 local journalists undergoing the training.

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