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Lesotho to celebrate World Food Day- source

MASERU- Lesotho will join the rest of the world on the 16th October to celebrate World Food Day, Lereko Masupha, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security said in an interview with Informative.

The celebration at national level will be held at Rothe, Tholoan’a Lerato in the Maseru district, explained Masupha.

He said the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security ’Mapalesa Mothokho is expected to deliver the keynote speech while the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) representative in Lesotho is also expected to deliver his speech.

Masupha reiterated that other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are also expected to take part in the celebrations.

Meanwhile, Lereko highlighted that as part of celebration of the day, new technologies in agriculture that are meant to empower farmers, especially in the fight against Climate Change,  will be displayed.

He said there were already some identified farmers who are going to showcase their agricultural products.

BAM Group gives back to the community

MASERU - The BAM Group CEO Mrs Ntšepeng Tšita Tikiso emphasized the importance of hard work, to achieve your goals in the business environment.

The CEO emphasised this at the Gala Dinner to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the BAM Group of Companies. She stated that where they were previously employed, the ethos of the siblings was to learn all there was to learn and more, about the work they were currently doing, which is what later drove their decision to strike out on their own.

It took courage and a great leap of faith, because they knew they had God on their side, when they looked at their prospects in what was a male dominated environment.

However, they took the step and registered the Management and IT Company. She fondly recalled their first client, Lerotholi Polytechnic, which was launching an autonomous IT-based accounting system which was novel for the time. Their first cheque, she remembered, was a princely R9, 000 and a time for jubilation.

Now the company can give back as it has done, a cheque for M30, 000 in partnership with Vodacom, a Website worth M15, 000 as well as other gifts that fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility, highlighted elsewhere in this paper. 

Pensioner tells of success stories in agriculture ...she says money comes from soil

MASERU - ‘Madamane Hlalele, 72, says she has been involved in agriculture since her childhood as her parents were farmers who depended on agriculture for survival.

She said she was raised in a family of parents who had to interact with nature all the time to earn a living for the family.

Hlalele, moving with crutches around her small plot at Masite, Rothe on the outskirts of Maseru, the capital city said she was fortunate because she was married into a family of determined farmers who valued the soil a great deal.